Dundas Castle

Sometimes called the Craig-E-Claire Castle, this eventual mansion was first a small lodge structure built by Bradford Lee Gilbert around 1880. In 1915, new owner Ralph Wurts-Dundas decided to construct a more castle-like structure, though he passed away a year shy of its completion.

His wife, Josephine, was shortly thereafter committed to a mental institution against her will, also never living in the finished castle. Their daughter Muriel became the owner, but her due inheritance was said to be stripped and stolen from her by greedy castle caretakers.

Sometime after, the daughter was married and left the property to be sold a few times before landing in the hands of a local Masonic chapter.

Now, while still under Masonic ownership, the castle is abandoned and falling apart. Lore implies that the ghost of Josephine still haunts the structure. Wish you could stay in the castle? Satisfy your scared-meter with a stay in one of these haunted Airbnb rentals.

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