Dunnington Mansion

Aerial view of the Dunnington Mansion's exteriorAn aerial view of Dunnington Mansion’s impressive façade

Dunnington Mansion, located in Farmville, Virginia, is a historic yet eerie abandoned mansion that dates back to the mid-19th century. The mansion was originally built by John M. Dunnington, a prominent figure who amassed wealth through his successful tobacco business. The architectural style of the mansion is a blend of Greek Revival and Italianate, featuring grand columns, intricate woodwork, and expansive rooms, which reflect the opulence of its original era.
Over the years, the mansion has passed through various hands and was used for different purposes, including serving as a school and later as a part of a rehabilitation center. However, it was eventually abandoned, leaving the once-stately home to decay. Today, the Dunnington Mansion stands as a haunting relic of the past, with its crumbling facade, overgrown grounds, and interiors filled with remnants of its former grandeur, all slowly being reclaimed by nature.
Urban explorers and history enthusiasts are particularly drawn to Dunnington Mansion, intrigued by its architectural beauty and the mysterious aura surrounding its abandonment. The mansion’s decaying state, coupled with tales of paranormal activity, adds to its allure, making it a popular subject for photography and storytelling. Despite its dilapidated condition, the mansion remains a poignant reminder of Virginia’s rich history and the passage of time.
Aerial view of the Dunnington Mansion's exteriorA side view showcases both the observatory and the original 1840 section at the rear of the home
View of of the Dunnington Mansion's foyer fireplaceA stately fireplace in Dunnington Mansion’s entrywayView of of the Dunnington Mansion's foyerUpon entering the front door, visitors are greeted by this magnificent staircase

View of of the Dunnington Mansion's parlorThe floor of Dunnington Mansion’s parlor has rotted away, causing the shelves to sink.
View of of the Dunnington Mansion's rear staircaseThe rear staircase is just as beautiful as the one in the entryway
View of of the Dunnington Mansion's conservatoryDunnington Mansion’s conservatory still radiates tranquility despite years of neglect.
View of of the Dunnington Mansion's pantryThe butler’s pantry at Dunnington Mansion. Note the small opening beneath the top row of cabinets where food could be passed out to staff in the front of the house.patreon sharing button

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