Facts about dogs

Here are 6 facts about dogs:

  • Dogs are the most popular pet on the planet. A third of all households around the world have a dog.
  • Dogs evolved from a now-extinct species of wolf over 20,000 years ago. As they evolved from wolves, their skulls, teeth and paws shrank, and they became more docile and obedient.
  • Dogs can learn over 100 words and gestures. They are thought to be as smart as two-year-old children (and much easier to train!).
  • Dogs noses are at least 40 times more sensitive than ours. These clever canines have an incredible sense of smell – allowing them to follow scent trails days after they were left.
  • Most dogs could easily outrun a human – they’re built to run and chase! The fastest breed of dog by far is the Greyhound.
  • Dogs only sweat from their paws and have to cool down by panting. The sweat is much oilier than humans’, and it contains lots of chemicals that only other dogs can detect.

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