Great Smog of London

November 1953: A couple walking in London wearing smog masks on a foggy day. (Photo by Monty Fresco/Topical Press Agency/Getty Images)

In December of 1952 London experienced a smog event called the Smoke. For days the city was blanketed by air pollution resulting from a combination of frigid temperatures and no wind to disperse the pollutants. This caused discomfort and health issues, for the people of London.

The smog persisted from Friday, December 5th until Sunday, December 9th casting a shadow over the city. Luckily the weather eventually cleared up. The smog subsided, bringing relief to Londoners and the general public. However this event left a lasting impact on how people perceived air pollution and highlighted the need, for measures to protect both the environment and human health.






A fog blanketed London in December 1952, killing as many as 12,000 people and puzzling researchers for decades. Texas A&M researchers believe they have solved the mystery. Photo credit: © Bikeworldtravel / Fotolia

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