Unbelievable Transformation of a Neglected Pup – Must See!

Shortly after my childhood dog passed away at 19 years of age, I wanted to get another pup to share my life with.
I turned to Craigslist, posting a request saying I was looking for a dog to adopt. Within the first 24 hours, I had tons of emails, but one caught my eye.
A woman emailed me saying she was trying to get rid of a dog. We met the next day. She brought a little dog in a cage and explained that she had originally bought him from a breeder because she wanted a purse dog. Not being full Pomeranian, he quickly got too big for that, which meant she didn’t want him, and she mentioned he spent most of his time in that cage. I took him and left.
At home, it quickly became apparent that he’d lived his whole life in that cage. He was completely unsocialized and had no leg strength. Judging by his teeth and muzzle, he wasn’t the 4-month-old puppy she claimed he was, either. I gave him space, love, and cookies, and soon enough he started to come out of his shell.

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